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Q. What happens to the birds when they are released?

A. The release birds are not the doves you would find in a pet store. They are specially raised and trained homing pigeons (sometimes called Rock Doves, of the family columbidae), and they will fly back to their home when released. True doves have no "homing" ability, and would quickly perish in the wild.

Q. How are the birds released?

A. Wings d'Amour has a wide variety of cages and baskets. You will get to choose which ones suit you best! We provide a "Release Service" - helping you choose the best option for the most spectacular display, as well as arriving on time to set up for the release, assisting you with the release, and making sure that the photographer is ready to get a fabulous photo for a lasting memory! This is just a small part of our overall service.

Q. Aren't the birds messy?

A. No, actually pigeons are very clean. Our birds are bathed regularly.

Q. I'm having an evening wedding. Can I still have a dove release?

A. Possibly. The birds need about one - two hours to get home. Depending on the time of year, and the time of the ceremony, it still might be possible to have a release.

Q. Can the birds be released at any time of year?

A. Weather plays a very large part in our release service. Long periods of rain, cold, and other factors may keep our birds from being in top condition. There will, unfortunately, be certain times of the year when it is just impossible to us to do releases because of this. The health and safety of our birds is of the utmost importance. We appreciate your understanding this.

The birds cannot fly in snow, fog, thunderstorms or high winds. Because the safety and well being of our birds comes first, we will also not fly them in extremely cold weather. In the event of any of these occurring on a release day, the fee will be returned to you in full (including deposit). As well, certain winter months may be unavailable for a release, due to the danger from sudden snow squalls.

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