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Dove Release


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At Wings d'Amour it is our policy...........

To release only well trained, well cared for white Rock Doves (family columbidae), which have been permanently banded for easy identification of the owner/breeder and which have been raised and trained to return home to their loft.

To ensure that appropriate attire is worn for all events and that our release coordinators are 100% reliable and on time...

To return deposits for acts of God, etc...

To ensure that every event has at least one knowledgeable release coordinator present...

We will never release birds indoors... at night..... or in inclement weather.

We will never allow "pick up" of birds, or ship birds by mail for self-release...Here's Why!

We will not release birds beyond a range they are able to fly and/or without sufficient daylight hours for them to return home safely.

They will not be released in rain, snow, fog, or heavy winds.

In the event that we must cancel a release due to weather, you will be refunded 100% of funds paid to us.

Our Birds are important to us

For pricing and information, call Melanie or Albert at (905) 715-1102

All photos are property of Wings d’Amour White Dove Releases and may not be reproduced in any way without our written consent