Wings D'Amour

Celebrations or Special Events

A White Dove Release beautifully enhances any celebration or event
in a unique, symbolic, and meaningful way.

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  Relay For Life
Red Meets Pink Boat Cruise Frundraiser
June 2013 •

Release Packages for Celebrations or Special Events

(Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baptisms, Grand Openings, etc.)

Single Dove/Pair of Doves - Your choice of cage, basket, or Princess Carriage and either released from the equipment or from hands.

Flock - Your choice of a flock of 12 doves are released any combination – cage, basket or
Princess Carriage.

Grand Flock - Same as above – 24 dove total.

Display Cages - added to a release or just for display.

For pricing and information, call Melanie or Albert at (905) 715-1102

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