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A White Dove....the symbol of fidelity, love and prosperity.

It is said that seeing a White Dove on your wedding day
can assure a happy home!

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  Release of Doves   

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You and your guests will never forget the spectacular sight of doves circling overhead and
then flying off into the heavens in celebration of your new beginning.

The birds signify the miles that will be traveled and the things that your marriage will endure.
They embody the beauty of the love that you have for each other.

Release Packages for Weddings

Pair – The Bride and Groom release a pair of doves from a cage, basket, or from their hands,
symbolizing the beginning of their new life together

Pair & Flock – The Bride and Groom release a pair of doves.
Afterwards, a flock of 10 doves are released
representing the well wishes of the family and friends following the release of the pair!

Pair & Grand Flock – Same as above – 24 dove total (a pair plus 22 doves in flock release)

Princess Carriage Releases – Our "Signature" Princess Carriage will carry a pair of doves,
or a pair plus a flock of ten (10) doves. This is the Ultimate 'Added Touch'.

Display Cages - added to a release or just for display

Pair of Doves – displayed inside the Church (or other venue)
for the Ceremony/ Reception (with permission of venue)

Pair of Doves – displayed prior to the ceremony and then released after the wedding ceremony

Also For Weddings:

Our Princess Carriage may also be used to transport flower girls / junior bridesmaids / ring bearers
and/or used as a card box holder at wedding receptions.

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