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Why Not "Self Release"?

Thinking of a "self release"?

When done professionally and with class, a white dove release can be the most spectacular event at a wedding.

It can be very touching at a funeral, where it helps lift the "heaviness" of the setting and can help start the recovery process.

That being the case, the true professional recognizes the importance of both events and never takes these things lightly!

A White Dove Release Professional adheres to a code of ethics, and will not sell, lend, rent or hire birds for "self release".

Professionals disagree with organizations that participate in the practice of shipping or selling birds for "self release".

Some things to ask when contacting a White Dove Release company:

Are your birds banded for easy identification and recovery if they become lost?

With properly trained birds, loses are rare, however, it does happen.

A company that does not care enough to have their birds identified may not care enough to make sure your release is personalized and breathtaking.

What type of birds do you use for releases?

Ringneck Doves (as found in pet stores) will not fly, or will only fly a few feet when released.
If they do fly, hope that they don't fly into your guests or back into your lap.

(This is a memorable moment but not the memory you're looking for, and is not really a Kodak moment either.)

The only bird that should be released is a Rock Dove (family columbidea).

Are your birds trained to return home?

Rock doves will fly when they are released but then again, if they have not been properly trained they will more than
likely land on the nearest roof or tree and sit. ( This definitely takes away from the beautiful effect of birds circling that one should expect.)

Do you allow birds to be picked up for “self release?”

Again, a company that does not care enough to accompany their birds and make sure they are safely released, does not care about your event.

Where are the birds going to be kept during the ceremony? Did someone leave them in a hot car? (dead birds don’t fly).

If you leave the birds outside the church, will they still be there when you come back outside?

If you take them inside the church..... who is going to take them outside when it's time for the release?

Did you even remember to bring them, with all the other things to think about? Or are they back home, sitting in the garage?

You are ready for the big release. Does the photographer know what to expect?

Do you know how to set up the basket for the best effect? Can you hold them to release them? How DO you do that?

Save yourself the stress and mess. Hire a WHITE DOVE RELEASE PROFESSIONAL

For pricing and information, call Melanie or Albert at (905) 715-1102

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